About Klaus

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Klaus Wintersteller is born in Salzburg/Austria and lives near Vienna. He plays the Australian Didgeridoo since 1992, since 2000 as professional musician.

In 2005 he got introduced into the world of New Zealand Maori by Wai Turoa-Morgan and her brother Moetatua Turoa. From him, he learned the Haka, the Maori dance of connecting with the energy of the universe. Haka can be a statement, can tell a story, is training for a fight and is also used as a push before a fight and to scare the opponent.

Haka helps to bring into focus our energy, our strength, our will, our courage and our furiousness. By channelling our full force with the support of our voice and movement we are able to experience our strength creative and not destructive.

Klaus has the allowance to perform and teach the Haka by his teacher and friend the Maori Kaumatua (person of high rank) Moetatua Turoa.

Another speciality of the Maori culture is a “Hangi”, it means to cook food in the ground on hot stones. Klaus had a very good teacher for that too.