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I offer Workshops just for Men. It is important to me, that men reconnect with their male force.

Men and Women

I offer Workshops for men and women. Because the most beauty- and powerful for me is, when women and men together, as representatives of the two opposite cosmic energies of our dual world – male and female – dance Haka in their force and reconnect with the universe.


In the world outlook of the Maori, the ancestors plays an important role. I integrate this aspect depending on need more or less.

Shamanic Aspect

I work intuitive with the energies and needs within the group. I developed my skills in this direction during yearlong assisting and working together with the Maori Matakite (Seer and Shaman) Te Waimatao Turoa-Morgan.

Message of the women to the men

Channelled by Gabi Remmert from the realms of our ancestors
on the 1st of November 2008, beside a men Haka workshop in Germany

You came together, to find your male, your own force.

Many women look at you in this moment – more as you ever thought. And through Gaby we want to get in contact with you – we want that you listen to us, that you listen to the voice of the women.

The subject is their pain, the deep, deep pain – still lying in generations of women. Pain, that ripped deep wounds that could not heal. Pain that they had to pass on to their children and to their children’s children. And the pain that they had to do so to their children and that they could not prevent.

Women, who saw how their men got mislead. Women, who saw with one's own eyes, how their sons died, how the hearts of their loved ones got closed. Women, who had to endure pain – women, who died of that or got hard, just to survive.

The women and children survived – they fought, they worked hard, they suppressed – and all, that life can go on. Following generations of women has learnt of that – they learnt to get into their power – to survive.

Occasionally this had a high price, but you men:  the women are responsible for survival – they are those, who learnt, to take the last responsibility for that. They were their – when no one else were their – they feel responsible for life.

And now, when you start, to get in your power – when you really start, to grapple with it – here they stay and ask you: are you really ready?
They mistrust you – so many times they had been betrayed …. But: they have hope too, because they wish to have men.

Men, who stay at their side – who walk with them – who give their support to them, that they need, to have the space, to open up their hearts again and to find their own female power.

Maybe you are wondering – that woman answer, when you are busy with you and your power.

We tell you – where a man, there also a woman. You are in a closed connection together – one without the other is unthinkable. And when one energy starts to move, maybe to dissolve from an old rigidity – so it has immediately an impact on the other level.

In the end you resonate in union – and this is good like that.